Age: 68

Wife: Marlene, married 46 years

Children: Heidi, Josh, Adam, Sarah

Grandkids: Sadie, Madison, Otavio, Hazel, Roo

Occupation: Retired teacher

Coached High School cross country and track for 17 years
Currently coach/adviser for Mid-Hudson Road Runners Club

Marathon PR: 2:32:37
Masters PRs: 800 meters – 2:06.1
1500 meters: 4:18.4
5K: 16:02
10K: 33:37
Half Marathon: 1:13:42

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  1. Hi, Steve
    This is not a comment, but more a question … My apologies … I didn't find an email address for you …
    I live in Hoboken, NJ, 52 years old, running since about 30 years. Marathon 2h36', 1/2 1h14', even if today my 1'30" intervals have been at a slower pace than that marathon …
    I'm looking for trail for running in Mid Hudson. Focus would be in the area between exit 19 and 21 of the 87.
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks a lot!
    Carlo (clipizzi@yahoo.com)

  2. Hi,
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  3. Hey Coach Perks! Just wanted to say "hi" again.  I also want to thank you for instilling in me the love of runnimg.  At the old age of 35 I am still running 4 miles 4 times a week ( 16 per week).  In april I sat in the stands at the Penn Relays and fondly remembered the John Jay 4×400 relay team that ran the track!  What awesome memories I have thanks to you.  I will be a healthy runner for many more years to come!  Thanks
    -Kara Tucker-Forrest
    John Jay '93

  4. Hi Mr. Perks!

    One of your former Cross Country and Track Runners stop by saying hi.  Cool blog! Glad to see you are still running. Currently I live in Williamsburg, VA and  belong to the local road running club. To this day I still have fond memories of Cross Country and Track! My favorite was running the 500 miles during the summer for Cross Country training.


    Vince Fabiano
    Class of 95

  5. Hey Coach!  I have thought about you lately and all the training tips, coaching and invaluable lessons you taught me about running while in high school.  I ran a 5k back in December of 2011.  This March of 2012 I am running another 5k with Jenn Lawrence and Jason Garland.  My big run will be this August in the Beach to Beacon 10k in Maine.  "Run Tuff" is a motto that has stuck with me all these years.  Just wanted to say thanks once again!  A half marathon will be the ultimate end goal for me.  I have feel I have come full circle in life, finishing what once began as high school sprinter career as 36 year old middle to long distance runner.  Thank you for your positive influence and insight.
    -Kara A. Tucker-Forrest

  6. Hey Coach Perks,
             This is John Turchioe! I ran for you at John Jay for a few years and even went as an alternate to states the year we won the 4×800 meters with Hakon, Corey, Corey, and Pete! Because of you I fell in love with running and I have found my love for it again after a few years away from it and I'm an avid runner again.  I have started a running clothing business and want to know what you think and if you know or if you could help me spread the word more about it? Thank you so much! Hope all is well!

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