Ah, the retired life!

No alarm clock to get up to. Woke up about 8am. Leisurely couple of hours with some coffee, a light breakfast, check the computer for email and other info and wait for the temperature to go up a little. Around 10am head out for a nice easy five mile run. Back to the house to hydrate, put on bike shorts and head back out for an hour ride with some good intervals ( 20 x 1-minute, 1-minute recovery) to spice up the ride. Back to the house for a shower and lunch before meeting with a local sculptor about making some art work for our porch. If we get it I'll post a picture. Off to the golf course to play 9-holes. Played with some friends who play from the senior tees and shot a 42. That's a great round for me, even from the senior tees. Back home around 5pm for a little relaxation before heading out for some great chilli, followed by a couple of slices of pizza. The outside world may be going a little crazy. Life in the bubble has its advantages.

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  1. That sounds eerily similar to my life as a grad student (except for exam time).  I hope to somehow find that perfect PT job that will allow days like the one you described to continue every once in a while.  Thats the dream, right?

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