Spotted this guy on the sidewalk yesterday when I was sitting on the porch reading. I think it’s a mole kingsnake, but I’m not positive. It was about 15″ long. It had just started swallowing the frog when I first saw it.  By the time I ran in the house and grabbed the camera only the legs were left showing. You can see the bulge about 1/3 the way down his body in the second picture. After finishing dinner he crawled off the sidewalk and down into a hole next to one of our azalea bushes. Mole kingsnakes spend most of their time underground, so the behavior fits.

This moth is much more striking in person. I couldn’t get a picture that did it justice. I think it’s a tiger moth.

A brown headed nuthatch. Very common in NC. I had never seen one until we moved south.They are at the feeder every day.

The ubiquitous tufted titmouse.



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