Until today I didn't know her name. I've seen her from a distance many times, late in the afternoon, oft times at almost twilight, walking the golf course with a fist full of clubs. Never being close enough to tell, for a long time  I wasn't sure if she was a man or a woman. I finally decided that with the diminutive stature she must be a woman. Yesterday Marlene and I were out for a twilight walk and I spotted her leaving the seventh green and heading down the cart path to cross the road not too far in front of us. As she strode across the road, holding her clubs behind her in two hands, I was finally able to count her clubs – four. Later that night, lying in bed attempting to sleep with a stuffy nose and racking cough, I wondered what her four clubs were. Then I tried to figure out what four clubs I would carry. I decided first on my three hybrid iron. It would serve as my driver and my fairway long shot club. I don't use any woods at all, so it was an easy choice. For my second club I was stuck between my six iron and my seven iron, finally deciding on the seven. The third club would have to be a wedge, either pitching or sand. I decided the pitching wedge would work best for me. The putter for a fourth choice was easy.

As good fortune would have it, when I showed up at the clubhouse today at 3pm to walk nine holes before it got dark, guess who came walking out the door. She looked at me and said, "I'm going to walk in front of you. Don't worry I won't slow you down." Now I'm not certain how old she is, but I am certain she' s older than I am. I smiled and told her I had often seen her walking. Then I asked her what the four clubs were. She carries a three wood for off the tee, a six iron for all  her fairway shots, a sand wedge and her putter. Her comment was, "That's all you need."

When I checked in to play, I asked Bill, the man working the counter, what her name was. "That was Betsy. I told her she had to start right away because you were coming in to play. She said not to worry, I won't hold him up." She didn't!

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