Beware the Shortcut

There is something about shortcuts that makes them hard to resist. It doesn't seem to matter what you're doing, it's just hard to resist looking for an easier/quicker/shorter way to do things. It even happens in golf. There is a Par 4 on one of our courses where, if you're playing from the senior tees, you can cut the corner over or between a couple of trees and land on the green in one. It's not a shortcut most golfers should even attempt. I was playing one day with the best golfer in our community and watched him accomplish this feat. The other day I was playing the course from the senior tees for the first time in quite a while. Standing on the tee box I remembered what the aforementioned great golfer had done and decided to give it a shot.

Now the thing with shortcuts is, they always have a downside. The downside in this particular situation is the beautiful home that sits just to the left of the two pine trees you need to aim at. Being of no mind and sound body I took a mighty swing and watched my shot arc toward that beautiful home. I lost site of it in the air and held my breath waiting for the sound of breaking glass. When it didn't come I turned to one of the guys I was playing with and asked where my ball had gone. "Over the house." OK, that was good, except there was a house right behind the one I had gone over. I hit a provisional shot and headed out to see if any damage had been done. As good fortune would have it, the second house was brick. We came around the corner and there was my bright yellow ball up against the foundation – right below a window. It sure was tempting to keep right on going straight to my second ball. My conscience won out. It turned out I had gotten lucky a second time. The window was intact, no damage done and a lesson learned. Well, maybe.

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