My running is coming along. I’ve run 7+ miles the last two times out. Even put some strides at the end to see if there is any leg turnover – there isn’t. Oh well. One of my friends said he saw me doing “wind sprints”. What I do these days certainly cannot be classified as sprinting.

Today’s run had an unexpected rest stop when I was nabbed for trespassing. Yup, I blew right through a sign that clearly said I didn’t belong. I was on a great dirt road that I’ve been using down here for years. Recently they put up “No Trespassing” signs. Sometime in the not too distant future they are going to sell more lots and develop the area. Right now it’s vacant except for a couple of big piles of dirt. Today there was a construction foreman back there, I guess checking out the dirt piles. Anyway, he and I had a little chat. I told him the “No Trespassing” sign was silly and he told me his orders are to call the sheriff if he finds criminals like me back there. I just kept giving him my “ah shucks” smile and talking about how nice a place it was to run. By the time we were done conversing I had won him over; he told me the next time I ran through I could pick a couple of the tomatoes and peppers they were growing next to the dirt pile.

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