When thinking back through all the years of coaching there are a few athletes who always come to mind first. Early in my coaching career I was very fortunate to have co-captains who not only made my team better, but more importantly taught meĀ  the importance of good team leadership.

Both are married now, each with three children. Chris Reilly has a PhD in some kind of engineering. Tim Peters went to the Merchant Marine Academy and now works for a major shipping company. Tim sent me an email recently with his latest running exploits. He recently ran the Colchester Half Marathon. Tim is working his way back into serious running shape, entering the race with the goal of running 1:48. Early on he got caught up in a pretty brisk pace, paid for it a little at around the ten mile mark, then finished strong in 1:43:51 placing him 198 out of 1097 finishers.

Last year Tim led a small contingent of five runners from his office in a Corporate 5K. This year he is captain (not a surprise) of a team of twelve runners which the company is officially sponsoring. It’s great for an old coach to hear the captain is still leading fellow runners into competition.

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