Twenty-five years ago – 1983, the last time I ran the Boston Marathon. We had an absolutely perfect day to run: temps in the low 50’s, overcast and a little tailwind. Can the running gods supply such a day again?

One of my most vivid memories of that race is of listening to the transistor radios along the course that spectators were using to follow what was going on at the front of the pack. All the talk was about Joan Benoit and her suicidal pace. They kept saying she was going to die big time, no way she could maintain her pace. Yet everytime I heard another radio, there she was, well under world record pace and floating along. It must have inspired me because I felt great the whole way. Joannie did slow down a little the last few miles, but still set what was then a world marathon record. She finished almost exactly 10 minutes ahead of me. My splits stayed pretty even the last few miles so I was actually gaining on her (ok, she was 10 minutes ahead) the last few miles. The other thing that sticks with me from that race is I remember with 5K to go thinking, “I’ve never felt this good in a 10K with 5K to go.”

Joannie and I are both going to be in Boston this year. She is running the Olympic Marathon Trials on Sunday. She’s now 50 years old and the oldest qualifier in the race. What an amazing woman! She’s hoping to break 2:50 at 50. No way I’m only going to be 10 minutes slower this year. If I’m within 40 minutes it will be a victory for me.

Some Changes

Hello it’s Josh here!

I just wanted to let everyone know about some exciting changes to the runtuff website. First off, you can now tell people to go to and they will be automatically directed to this site!

Secondly, I have added a discussion board to the website. The link is located on the left side. You don’t need to register to read or post but if you want to use some of the cool features like private messages, posting polls and such you should.


Joshua Perks


To all of you who check in here occasionally to see if anything new has been added, my sincere apologies. It’s been awhile since my last update. Most of the time I’ve spent on the computer lately has been doing stuff related to MHRRC business. There have been lots of inquiries about the track workouts and the training group. My mailing list of veterans and possible newcomers is now up to 86 people. If everyone decides to show up at once the track is going to be busy.

As you probably know, the MHRRC team for the Race Around Briggs ended up with 34 club members running. A great turnout. Thanks to all of you who came.

Wow, Boston is now only about 10 days away. As Mark Wetmore says to his runners in Running With the Buffaloes, “The hay is in the barn.” Now it’s mostly just time to relax and be ready to run. By the way, if you haven’t read Running With the Buffaloes by Chris Lear, you’re missing one of the most inspiration running books out there.

I finally got out for the first bike ride of the spring. Just an easy cross training day of about 15 miles. The hardest thing about getting back to serious riding is getting the butt used to the bike seat.

Mudders and Grunters

I don’t know who she is, but that’s one of the classiest trail running outfits I’ve ever seen.

To get an idea of what this race is like you have to take a look at the photos that Chris Walsh took. Click Here From looking at the photos it appears Charlie Sprauer doesn’t get any smarter with age as he was back again this year. Roger Billings and Leo Saposnick ran, as well as Arlington track coach Colleen Napora.


Let’s start with an alumni update. Hakon DeVries ran the lead-off leg on Stanford’s DMR at the NCAA D1 championships. The team finished 4th overall earning All-American honors. This is Hakon’s second All-American ranking since being at Stanford. Hakon lead off with the 1200m leg in 2:55.81. He was followed by the 400m leg in 46.92, the 800m leg in 1:51.45 and the 1600m leg finished up in 4:00.36. Their total time was 9:34.03. During Hakon’s senior year he anchored the John Jay DMR to an Indoor National Championship, which they ran in the fastest time in the country that indoor season with a time of 10:09.31. That time is also a New York State Indoor Record.

John Jay had some excellent performances at this years National Scholastic Indoor Championships. Karlie Dean led the way setting two school and county records. She ran the 200m dash in 25.73 seconds and the 400m dash in 59.26 seconds.

If you check the MHRRC web site there are some great pictures by Bob Kopac and Chris Walsh of the Ed Erichson 5 and 10 mile races. Bob uses the bib numbers to help him put names on as many pictures as possible.

It wasn’t an easy day to run with the chilly temps and gusty winds. I ran the first mile with Art Boyko so I could get a mile split off his GPS watch. When we got the split I slowed down and he picked it up. Once he pulled away I was alone the rest of the race. No one in sight in front of me and no footsteps behind. It made for a good situation to practice staying focused and pushing the pace with the right effort.

Olympic News

Big news in the family today. My nephew Daniel will be going to Bejing to swim in the Olympics. Daniel is my wife, Marlene, sister’s son. Daniel’s father was originally from Puerto Rico and Daniel, who swims for the Puerto Rican national team, will swim the 100 meter breaststroke. He made the Olympic qualifying standard today at a meet at the University of Texas in Austin, TX. My son, Josh, is currently living in Austin with his wife, they will take Daniel out to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate. Daniel will also try for the 200 meter breaststroke qualifying time tomorrow.

You might be a runner if …

“OK, that’s two laps at my interval pace during a track workout.”

I was cooking dinner, the timer read 3:00 until the veggies were ready and my reaction was the thought above. It made me chuckle, then it made me wonder if I’m spending too much time thinking about my training.

I’ve seen lots of finishes to the line, “You might be a runner if …”, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one about timing the food you’re cooking based on interval lap times. If you want to see an exhaustive list of these sayings check out this thread on