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All golfers lose some golf balls. Bad golfers lose more golf balls. New golfers lose even more golf balls. Bad, new golfers lose the most golf balls. About a month ago I noticed I was running low on golf balls – AGAIN. What to do? I had seen a couple of ads for used balls for sale by people who live nearby. The balls were pretty cheap and I was seriously thinking about buying a few dozen. Then I had one of those "aha!" moments. Those guys were finding those balls on the same courses I play on.

I needed a plan. There are five or six holes within a nice easy walk from my house that have lots of places where people hit balls that are difficult to get to because they tend to be thick or behind water. With a little ingenuity and the use of Google maps I figured out a way to get to many of them. I'm sure the real ball hawkers have also figured it out, but these were probably places they didn't get to often. The first time I went out I managed to get into a spot where I knew lots of balls ended up and that I had a feeling was hardly ever gotten to. Within about 20-minutes I found almost sixty balls, most of them in very good condition. Since then I've taken a few other walks, never coming back with less than twenty balls. Today I took a short walk just before dark and found thirty-one. I've even found two with my own marking on them.

Many people mark their balls in some way or another: a red circle around the trademark, three blue dots, a triangle, a smiley face, etc. Some people put on their initials. Today I found one that may belong to a friend of mine. It's his initials. The thing is, he has only a two handicap, so if it is his, I'm going to give him a bit of flack for loosing a ball.

Almost everyone marks their ball with permanent marker, but I've found a few with printed on id's. I really liked the one that said, "Fia's Grandpa's Ball". Today I found a rather unique one: "IF FOUND RETURN TO GINA CECIL ATTORNEY AT LAW'. It's a nice, new Top Flight  XL Distance. Just for fun, I Googled her. It turns out she's a local attorney with an office about 10-minutes away. I'm debating whether I should stop in and give her back her ball. I would be more inclined to return it if her printed message had included the word "please".

Postscript: I've since found two more of Gina's errant golf balls, the first two of which I have already lost.

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