Schooled by Wolf and Kitty

Tee times were tight today with the courses closing at noon because of the holiday party for all the Club employees. My friend and I ended up getting paired with a husband and wife couple. When I signed in, the desk told me we were paired with Wolf and Kitty. I made Kitty's acquaintance on the driving range as I was warming up in the 42-dgree temperatures. She said her husband, Wolf, would be showing up soon, but he might be a bit grumpy as she had gotten him up out of a warm bed to join her after her original playing partner for the day had called in sick. Turns out Wolf is a spry 78-year old who shoots his age, while Kitty is 75, going on 50.

It was quite an adventure playing with these two seasoned golfers, both of whom retain their German accents despite having been in the US for most of their lives. Wolf never missed a fairway and his short came was aptly described by Kitty as impeccable. Kitty was almost as consistent. Her one flaw was her putting where she tended, like me, to putt too hard, which she attributed to both of us as having more brawn than brains. I certainly couldn't ague with that.

I was having one of my erratic days – a few good holes, then a few bad holes. At one point, on the third bad hole in a row, I was back and forth over the green from one sand trap to another three times. After the hole, Wolf put his arm around me and looked me straight in the eye and said, "In Germany we have an old saying for that, 'You stink!'". My partner and I had a really good laugh over that. Kitty, on the other hand,  did not think it was so funny. My partner heard her scolding Wolf for saying such a thing to a poor guy like me. When Wolf mentioned that he had been reprimanded, I told him I thought what he said was great. It certainly was a true evaluation of my play and a wonderful, lighthearted moment to help me get through those bad holes. After that I played the next three holes quite well, putting a decent finish on an otherwise tough day.

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