Taciturn Fishermen

 Back in the day I used to fish a lot. Since moving to NC I have only fished with the grand kids in the local ponds where we caught some sunfish and small bass. Here it's mostly salt water fishing, either in the bays and backwaters or out in the ocean. I've never been salt water fishing. The first year we were here I went to a couple of meetings of the Fishing Club. Went in to the meetings not knowing anyone and left still not knowing anyone. Nobody talks and even more than not talking, nobody shares. They had to be the least inclusive group of people I have ever met. Not sure why. Maybe fishermen are quiet by nature. I'm thinking, though, that if they have a boat, they don't want some newcomer trying to make friends with the goal of getting on their boat. They probably don't want the new guy next to them asking the awkward question,"So where is your favorite spot to catch drum?" I guess it's understandable, just not very friendly.

At last night's meeting one of the local guide/tackle shop owners gave a talk on fishing the bays and backwaters for drum, speckled trout and flounder. It was exactly the information I had been looking for. I figure those kinds of spots will be perfect for putting in my canoe and attempting to catch some fish. He came with a number of poles rigged with the tackle he likes to use. He explained how to use a number of different lures and live bait. Turns out live shrimp is the best way to catch fish. If you can find where the fish are and throw a live shrimp in the water, you'll catch them.

Once this hernia thing is healed and I can lift my canoe onto the roof of the car I'm planning on giving this salt water fishing thing a try. The worst that can happen, aside from capsizing, is I spend some quiet time in the canoe enjoying the scenery.

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