The Flip Side

OK, the previous post was about the joys of retired life. As with most things, there is also a flip side. During the last year I was teaching, so many people told me how lucky I was to be retiring, that they were so jealous. My standard reply got to be, "So you want to trade ages?" You can guess how many "yes" answers I got to that. The one sure thing about being retired is, you're not young any more. You might not be old, but you're sure not young.

With getting older come health issues. For me it was prostate cancer the year after I retired, gall bladder surgery the following year. An incisional hernia from the gall bladder surgery the year after that. Then a series of running related injuries. I'm not complaining. Life in retirement has been totally wonderful. The amazing thing is, it's already been ten years. 

So we come to the latest little setback. This Thursday I'm having surgery for an inguinal hernia. This is probably the most common surgery for men. If all goes well I'll be back running, cycling and golfing in no time. The golf pro at the club asked me if I was going to take up pottery while I was recovering.I told him I've got a better plan. Putting isn't too strenuous, so my plan is to carry my putter on my daily walks and stop at the practice green and finally learn how to putt. Maybe it will improve my golf game.

Life always goes back to one of my favorite mantras: It's not what happens to you that matters, it's what you do with it when it does.

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