The New, New MHRRC Website

For a number of years the MHRRC had a website. As all the members were aware, it was a website with multiple problems. It was rarely current, sometimes even wrong. The web master (although well intentioned) was hard to contact and often took a long time getting important information on the site.

Fortunately for the MHRRC, there was a new member willing to take on the monumental task of being the new web master. In a short period of time she was able to develop a site to replace the old one. The new site had wonderful new features, current information (including race results) and a nice new look. The whole MHRRC was ecstatic.

However, even this site was a static site with major limitations and problems. The biggest problem from the web master’s standpoint was the large number of hours needed to keep the site up to date. She envisioned an active site that would become a living part of the MHRRC community. A site that runners themselves could add to (members’ kudos, blogs, etc), a site that qualified other members could update and add information to (race results, important announcements, member musings, etc) and one that even when she was away or was no longer web master could still be kept current and active.

Human nature being what it is, never liking too much change, a number of people have been taken aback by all of the vast, dynamic improvement. Yes, it’s new. Yes, it’s different. Yes, it might take a little work on your part to get comfortable with all the possibilities. There’s a lot there, with more to come!

Give yourself and the website time. Before long you’ll wonder how we got along without it. And next time you see Deborah Schwartz thank her for the countless hours she has put into making the MHRRC better.

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