There May Be Hope

I did something three days ago that I hadn't done since June 6. I put a running entry in my training log. It wasn't a long run – only 3.5 miles. That run was followed by a day off and then another run of 3.5 miles yesterday. If things work out, I'll try another run tomorrow. If not, then  the next day. I have a feeling that this foot of mine is always going to have "issues".  What I'm hoping is, I'll at least be able to run three or four times a week, even if it's only fairly short runs.

It's taken me a while to build up the courage to try a run. A wonderful email I got from one of the Posse members, along with a short jog to pick up an errant golf ball that reminded me how good it feels to run, combined to put me over the hump and induce me to lace up the Asics for the 3.5 miles. Each step was its own little adventure. Staying on soft pine needles and packed sand helped cushion the impact of each step enough to make much of the run at least comfortable. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Hey Coach!  You will always be coach to me!  Yup, got both your comments on my blog.  It is awesome to hear from you.  So, Jen and I are planning on running a 5k Saturday March 10, 2012 in Charlotte North Carolina.  I wasn' t going to run today, but after seeing your latest message on my post I did a quick 3.59  miles:)  My long runs are around 6.5 miles:)  Have been remembering to stretch really well before and after runs!!

  2. really glad to hear from you today and to see that you're back on your running feet.  running, biking, and golfing… really not a horrible way to live huh?

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