Time Flies

I got a comment from Kara Tucker-Forest on my "Recovering" post below. She and Jennifer Lawrence are running a 5K this weekend. Who are these two ladies? They are former John Jay High School athletes who ran for me over twenty years ago. Back then both of them were 400/800 meter runners. Jen was also a high jumper, the only girl I ever coached who could clear a height that was taller than she was. They were near the beginning of a procession of female track athletes at John Jay who would re-write the school record books. Here is a link to Kara's blog: http://oneredheadandlighthouses.blogspot.com/

A few days ago I got an email from an even earlier graduate of John Jay, Tim Peters, who has recently gotten back to running. Tim had just completed his first half-marathon. As a father of three kids and a full time job, that's quite a feat.

One of my new goals on here is to highlight current running accomplishments of former John Jay athletes who were on the teams that I coached. Pass the word. It would be great to hear from former athletes who are still out there competing.

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