Walk on the Beach

What do you do when you can't cycle, run, swim, play golf, etc? Take a walk on the beach. Beautiful Carolina Blue skies, temps around 50-degrees and a little breeze. I took along the camera and took a few pictures. The walk was at the west end of Oak Island where the Lockwood Folly River meets the sea.

It was amazing how empty the beach was. I guess a combination of "off season" and a chilly, breezy day.

This is a great beach for finding shells. Sometimes you can even find a conch shell.

With low tide there is miles of flat, hard sand to walk on.

The houses are on Holden Beach, another island across the Lockwood Folly River.

Flocks of terns passing through on their migration.

Every once in a while there are yucky, dead jellyfish on the beach. Today was one of those days.

Rental anyone?

Shells every where.

I really need to learn to identify the shore birds. There are so many and so many look fairly similar, it has kept me from taking on the challenge.

Low tide with the beach stretching to the horizon.


It's tough to get a picture of terns diving for food, but I tried.

There are always people fishing. I've yet to see anyone catch anything. One guy's response to what he was catching was, "Nothing, but it's better than the "honey do" list.

Heading back toward the car.

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