Winter Run

With the Winter Run coming a week after the Miami Marathon it seemed like the perfect race to get in some volunteer work for the MHRRC. It’s fun to sometimes be on the other side of the operation and help make a race happen instead of running it. Working the registration table is great because you get a second to say hello to all the runners as they come in to register. There are lots of names I see in results but have no idea who they belong to. If you’re handing out numbers you get a chance to put a face with some of those names.

From there it was out to mile three at the corner of Stringham Road and Noxon Road to do some traffic control. Marisa Hanson joined me, helping make the task much easier. It would have been a tough spot for one person. Most of the motorists were quite patient with waiting their turn to get out of the end of Stringham onto Noxon or to make the turn onto Stringham. What was scary was how little the drivers on Noxon Road slowed down as they were driving next to the runners. Even waving a flag in front of their speeding cars had little effect. To make matters a little scarier, the bridge over Sprout Creek was under repair and the shoulder that the runners needed to run on was barricaded off, forcing them to move out onto the road. Happily no one was injured.

It was interesting getting to watch everyone go by and to cheer on those we knew. If you haven’t volunteered for a race in awhile (or ever), why not get in touch with Linda Stow and volunteer for the Ed Erichson run in March. Pictures from Chris Walsh here. You can also see pictures from Bob Kopac here.

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